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Infection Control Lead at University of Chicago

September 1, 2020, Rachel was a client of Wendy’s


Wendy was an incredible resource and absolutely instrumental as I transitioned my life from Houston to Chicago. Early in the summer of 2020, Wendy and I connected through the Kellogg School of Management network. I was feeling overwhelmed by the idea that I would be relocating to a brand new city with close to zero professional connections, but Wendy quickly jumped into action to help me get connected with professionals in her network that had similar backgrounds and career interests. I am incredibly grateful for her help and guidance, and would recommend her to anyone who is searching for career advice!

Bridgette, LPC, NCC

Professional Counselor at Symmetry Counseling

September 30, 2020, Bridgette was a client of Wendy’s


I moved to Evanston, Illinois with my husband who was beginning his MBA at Kellogg School of Management. I had just graduated and finished my master's degree in professional counseling at Webster University in St. Louis. Wendy guided me through my intensive licensure application and job process and was EXTREMELY helpful and such an amazing resource for me during a confusing and overwhelming time. She helped me to weigh my options when I was presented with two great job offers and look at the pros and cons to which position at a private practice in Chicago would be best for me. She asked insightful and thoughtful questions and was compassionate and caring in helping me embark on this big step and life transition. I would highly recommend Wendy and am sad to see her leave the Kellogg community. Best wishes in your next endeavors, Wendy! Thank you for all you did for me during your time at Kellogg.


Higher Education professional and Global Connoisseur | Northwestern MSC

July 22, 2020, Alyssa was a client of Wendy’s


As an incoming spouse to a Kellogg student, Wendy was my lifeline. She connected me to individuals in her network that would provide career opportunities. She facilitated my transition from Miami to Chicago, always willing to help and encouraged me to pursue roles I would not have considered. Wendy is a natural bridge-builder, connector, and strategic leader. Whether you require career coaching, a strategic thinker, or someone with insight, Wendy is the person to reach out to. Would recommend Wendy because she is a natural leader, who seeks to bring out the best in everything she does.

Christopher, PMP

Servant Leader l Training & Development l Program Management

June 22, 2020, Wendy worked with Christopher in the same group


I have had the privilege of working with Wendy for a little over one year now and she is the epitome of a resourceful and compassionate mentor. I first met Wendy when my wife began her MBA program at Kellogg and I was searching for a new career path. I was hired for my current role with Motorola Solutions through Wendy's vast Kellogg alumni network and will always be extremely grateful! Shortly after, I volunteered to be the president of Kellogg's Joint Ventures Club for partners and significant others and have continued to work closely with Wendy for connecting incoming significant others to the Kellogg network, event planning, and collaborating on admissions events for prospective students and partners. Wendy is a pleasure to work with and truly believes in positively impacting everyone she comes in contact with!


Multimedia Graphic Designer

June 14, 2020, May was a client of Wendy’s


I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy Metter over the past several months. During the time we worked together, her experience and advice have been invaluable to me and my professional development. She is always willing to share her resources and network to help me out in any way. Perhaps most importantly, she is caring, professional, and reliable.

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